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How to check and solve hammer crusher FAQs in limestone crushing plant?

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-10-21 Views:
Hammer crusher has PC small hammer crusher and PCC diesel hammer crusher, hammer crusher is designed for secondary and fine crushing process for barite,limestone, silica sand stone ,coal,coke,gypsum and slag. The main components are electric motor, rotor,hammer head, hammer plate and so on. Hammer crusher technical advantages are simple structure, high productivity and low investment cost. Great Wall Company as leading mining machinery manufacturer located in China, our stone crusher engineers will recommend you some useful knowledge in practical limestone crushing plant.
Phenomenon: hammer crusher bearing temperature is too high; 
Failure analysis(possible reasons): 1, lack of lubricating oil2,lubricating oil dirt 3, hammer crusher bearing damage. 
Solution: 1, add lubricating oil 2, clean bearing after changing lubricating oil 3, replace hammer crusher bearing.
Phenomenon: hammer crusher discharging granularity is too large; 
Failure analysis(possible reasons): 1, hammer head wear too much for hammer crusher 2,hammer crusher grate fracture; 
Solution: 1, replace hammer crusher hammer head 2, replace hammer crusher grate.
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