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What are useful regulations of hammer crusher in daily operation?

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-11-04 Views:
Hammer crusher is also named hammer mill, which is extensively used for medium and fine crushing process for materials of limestone, silica sand,coke,coal,gypsum,slag and so on. Great Wall stone crusher engineers conduct the conclusions of hammer crusher useful skills in hammer crusher daily operation. If you want to make full use of hammer crusher production capacity and reduce production cost, The following four steps is necessary for hammer crusher operation.
1, We had better install iron removal device for hammer crusher, so as to we can protect metal materials into crushing cavity and reduce damage of hammer crusher. 
2, When we check or maintain hammer crusher, we must cut off power of hammer crusher.
3, Hammer crusher is forbidden to make any adjustments, cleaning and maintenance work in the crushing process.
4, When hammer crusher works,, hammer crusher operator shall not stand within the inertia force action line of rotor . 
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