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How to do regular maintenance on jaw crusher plant

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-05-28 Views:
Jaw crusher plant is movable and not limited by the crushing place, which directly reduces high material transportation cost.In modern society , construction and industry is fast developed,there are more and more waste and concrete block.How to make full used of waste? Jaw crusher plant can crush materials and recycle the waste as building materials and other component after being processed on site or nearly. jaw crusher plant is widely applied in the regions of of mining, metallurgy, building materials, traffic, water conservancy and so on.How to do regular maintenance on jaw crusher plant? what are jaw crusher plant maintenance tips?Great Wall engineers summarize following four tips.
1,It is vital for jaw crusher plant to do regular maintenance,which can guarantees the durable service life,therefore jaw crusher plant needs sufficient time to be checked.
2,Stop the jaw crusher plant and then check the inner abrasion of crushing cavity.Change the worn parts in time and pay more attention to impeller abrasion and repaired it by manufacturer.
3,Triangle belt should be appropriately adjusted, ensure the even force on triangle belt,when it driven by double motors,the belt conveyor should be assembled by group selection and make it same length of belt conveyor.
4,When jaw crusher works for 400 hours,properly fill in lubricant grease,when the working time last for 2000 hours, open and clean the main shaft.If the jaw crusher plant works for 7200 hours, it needs to be changed bearing of jaw crusher plant.