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How to appropriately use jaw crusher in crushing plant

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-12 Views:
The rational use of jaw crusher can prolong jaw crusher service life and save a lot of production cost.Great Wall heavy industry conducts optimized design on jaw crusher and pushes forward the correspondingly rational use regulations, So that jaw crusher operators can pay more attention to the details in the daily operation.Only we do as the jaw crusher manual, we can reduce the proportion of accident case.How to appropriately use jaw crusher in jaw crusher plant? Relevant details in the following.
1, hydraulic electric interlocking system shall not be removed in jaw crusher under any circumstances.This is the guarantee of jaw crusher safe operation.
2, when jaw crusher is working, It is banned people from standing in the place of jaw crusher in rotary surface.
3, During the jaw crusher crushing process,Never to pick large pieces ore or other related items in jaw crusher crushing cavity.
4, Maximum feeding specifications shall not be more than 85 percents of jaw crusher feeding mouth size.