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Detailed repair in jaw crusher normal operation

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-17 Views:
Jaw crusher is most extensive application stone crusher in mining crushing plant,how to guarantee jaw crusher in good working condition?On basis of practical experience over 30 years,Great Wall mining machinery engineers summarize jaw crusher operation regulation, Jaw crusher should be proper operation and necessary regular planned repair,which includes common protection check, minor repairs, repair and overhaul.
The following three steps are the the jaw crusher detailed repair: 
1,Minor repairs: It includes the jaw crusher inspection and adjustment,Adjust the discharging mouth gap,turn wear plate head or replace. Supervise some maintenance transmission, lubrication system and replace lubricating oil and so on. The cycle of minor repair is about 1-3 months or so. 
2,Medium repairs: Besides the all assignments in minor repairs,it also includes replacement of thrust plate and lining plate, check and correct bearing shell, etc.The Interval is usually 1 to 2 years or so. 
3, Overhaul: Besides all works mentioned above, it also includes the replacement of eccentric shaft and moving jaw mandrel,cast babbitt mental of rod head, replace or modify the wear parts. Overhaul interval is usually 5 years or so.