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Daily maintenance tips on Crushing equipment

Source:www.dieselcrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-19 Views:
Stone Crushing equipment is expensive and it works in hard environment, Therefore we need to do well maintenance on stone crusher, operators and technicians have clear about the stone crusher performance, running condition and existed hidden risk, they can provide most valuable information to improve the stone crusher operation  management, the information greatly hence stone crusher durability and reduce proportions of crushing equipment accidents and maintenance workload.
1, Do maintenance at regular interval. Inspect stone crusher running condition before start crushing process, whether fixed screw loosening, whether there are spare parts crack, fall off, etc., try to avoid failure after stone crusher starting, it not only affect the crushing production, but also potential dangers and even threaten the operator's life. 
2, Through clean on stone crusher after work. Make sure no materials in crushing cavity and rotates several turns non-loading, finally to clean up   the bearing and the crusher frame, If we want to ensure stone crusher efficient operation, we should fill in lubricants at fixed times.
3, Cut off power supply after working off, cover the stone crusher night and rainy days, so as to prevent it from damp and rain, which can also prolong stone crusher service life