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What are working parameters of small portable rock crusher for sale ?

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Small portable rock crusher can be also named portable diesel stone crusher, which includes small portable diesel jaw crusher and small portable diesel engine hammer crusher. Portable diesel crusher is famous for wide displacement,flexible configuration and multiple powered type. The common using diesel crusher models are PEC1525 diesel jaw crusher, PEC2540 diesel jaw crusher, PCC3040 diesel hammer crusher and PCC4060 diesel hammer crusher. What are working parameters of small portable rock crusher? Great Wall Company take the PEC2540 diesel crusher and PCC4060 diesel crusher for example in 12 t/h crushing plant.
Proposed small PEC2540 diesel jaw crusher 
Hard rocks: granite,basalt
Feeding size:around 180-200 mm
Output size: 0-20 mm , 20-50 mm 
Oil consumption: 1.18 gallon per hour
Diesel Jaw crusher capacity:10-18t/h
Proposed small PCC4060 diesel hammer crusher 
Raw rocks:Limestone,marble,pebble
Maximum feeding size:80-100 mm
Output size range:0-10 mm,10-15mm 
Oil consumption: 1.75 gallon per hour
Diesel hammer crusher capacity:10-15t/h
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