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What are Diesel jaw crusher operation precautions?

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-25 Views:
Diesel engine crusher is also named diesel motor powered crusher,which has types of diesel jaw crusher and diesel hammer crusher. Diesel engine crusher is specially designed for power inconvenient users and areas,It is developed and researched by Great Wall heavy industry company. Great Wall company concludes the diesel jaw crusher operation precautions,which is on basis of practical feedback according to diesel jaw crusher technicians. 
1,After diesel engine starting, observe whether the engine oil sign indicating valve rises or not , If engine oil indicating valve does not rise or fall suddenly, it is necessary to stop and check diesel jaw crusher immediately, add sufficient oil or solve the problems. 
2,Diesel engine jaw crusher must run with non-loading for 3 to 5 minutes, check oil leakage and water leakage phenomenon.We can  gradually improve diesel crusher speed and load when water tank is high temperature. It is forbidden to operate with  high speed and high load as soon as diesel crusher start. 
3,During the diesel engine works, cooling water should be in boiling state, when water indicator drops to tank funnel.It is need add water in time, otherwise diesel engine jaw crusher will cause failure because of lack of water. 
4,Diesel jaw crusher must be careful operated in the initial 50 work hours, which must not operate with maximum load. Check and tighten cylinder cover nut,connecting rod bolt and tightening torque of flywheel nut after 40-50 hours operation.