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How to reduce stone crusher failure occurrence in Summer ?

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-06-27 Views:
Stone crusher mostly works in the hot open air, High temperature in summer is one of the main reasons lead to stone crushing equipment malfunction. How should we do to effectively reduce the occurrence of stone crusher failure? Great Wall heavy industry company summarize the following suggestion:
First of all,Great Wall stone crusher should be replaced suitable season lubricating oil timely ,guarantee the cooling system in well working state. 
Secondly,Test the stone crusher hydraulic system and reach the following standard in the stone crushing production line
Hydraulic system has high transmission efficiency, which can make full use of motor machine power performance and fuel energy.
Adjust heavy and resistance cooling machine, reduce total calorific value in stone crushing plant,Make sure that stone crusher continuously work in the condition of hydraulic oil is not more than 80 degrees, or oil raising temperature does not exceed 45 degrees. 
As a result of stone crusher has a lot of fly ash in the working site.the hydraulic oil is easy to be polluted, thus it is need better  hydraulic system sealing performance for stone crusher,we can also set up oil filter and dust catcher in the crushing plant.