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Impact crusher safety operation procedures in stone crusher plant

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-07-07 Views:
Impact crusher plays more and more important role in stone crushing plant, impact crusher is necessary in the aggregate production line and sand making line.How to appropriately operate impact crusher in practical crushing process? What are the operation announcements  we should pay attention to? Great Wall heavy industry machinery manufacturer lists the safety operation procedures for impact crusher.
1, When impact crusher works, operators cannot stand within the scope of impact crusher inertia force action line, electrical switch location should also avoid impact crusher inertia force action line. 
2, When impact crusher works, Never to open the inspection door to observe the crushing condition, people is forbidden to make any adjustments, cleaning maintenance and so on, lest there is risk in impact crusher crushing cavity. 
3,Watch out the metal such as iron and steel block, Install the iron removing device before feeding into impact crusher,protect the impact crusher spare parts from damage
4, When we do maintenance for impact crusher, we should firstly cut off the power supply. 
5, It is strictly prohibited to overload crushing for impact crusher.
6, electrical equipment should connect to land,console wire should be reliable insulating and fill it in the snakeskin tube.