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Jaw crusher jaw plate abrasion and maintenance

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-07-08 Views:
Jaw crusher plays the vital role in stone crushing plant,as result of jaw crusher is mainly used as primary crushing equipment in stone production line,as well as jaw crusher working principles,which makes jaw crusher heavy abrasion.How to check jaw crusher abrasion working condition? what are the maintenance tips in repairing jaw crusher? Great Wall Heavy Industry Machinery Company proposes you scientific and convenient methods on basis of practical experience.
Jaw crusher crushing cavity is consisted of movable jaw and fixed jaw. jaw crusher does material crushingprocess imitating the movement of animal jaws. Therefore, jaw crusher jaw plate wears more quickly in the one third below the middle,the upper jaw plate has less damage.Jaw plate abrasion has close relationship with jaw crusher crushing capacity.we should watch out the jaw crusher working condition and do the immediately maintenance for jaw crusher in stone crushing plant.
Firstly, we should check the material granularity after being crushed by jaw crusher. Sampling inspection for each batch of finished material,check them whether there are big fluctuation of the material properties.Adjust all jaw crusher main working  parameters in time, such as pliers Angle, eccentric shaft speed, crushing capacity and the motor power etc., Guarantee the parameters fit with feeding materials so as to reduce abrasion of jaw plate.
On the other hand,Do the good fastening work when operators install jaw plate,ensure the smooth surface between jaw plate and jaw crusher frame(movable jaw and fixed jaw),if there is gap between them, we can cushion the jaw crusher with leed plate and poly-wood.The installation requirement is in engagement for two jaw plates, that is to say one of the jaw plate teeth meet with the other jaw plate teeth space.