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What is CIF Cebu PYB600 mini cone crusher price for sale Philippines?

Source:www.greatwallcrusher.com Author:Great Wall Company Posted:2018-09-13 Views:
2018-08-01 16:32:27 [Searching Keywords :30 t/h PYB600 mini cone crusher price ]:Philippines cone crusher client is from search engine domain name :www.google.com.ph entering http://www.greatwallcrusher.com/products/Cone-Crusher.html
Alex 08-01 16:32:38
Hello, How are you? Thank you for your attention on our cone crusher for sale, May i help you ?
08-01 16:32:47  The guest has accepted the Alex's invitation to chat.
Alex 08-01 16:34:02
Good morning, Are you looking for stone spring cone crusher ?  What is your wanted crushing capacity per hour?
Philippines Clients 62 08-01 16:37:07
I am interested in 30 tph PYB600 cone crusher price, the destination port is Cebu Philippines
Alex 08-01 16:37:18
OK,PYB600 mini cone crusher is one of featured cone crushers model with stable capacity and low cost
What is the raw material to be processed by cone crusher ? As well as material input size before crushing ?
Philippines Clients 62 08-01 16:37:48
Materials are granite and river stone , Maximum input size is about 2-3 inches
Alex 08-01 16:40:52
Thank you for your kindly reply, What are the required particles size and application of end products.
Philippines Clients 62 08-01 16:42:48
Needed output size range are 0-1/2inch and 1/2-1 inch
The produced aggregate is used as road construction building materials
Alex 08-01 16:45:09
May i have your name and email address please ? We will send you suitable cone crusher catalog and quotation for reference via email soon
Philippines Clients 62 08-01 16:47:19
My name is ----------- ,Email address is  ,You can also contact me via whats app +63---------------
Alex 08-01 16:48:39
Thank you for your prompt trust and response on cone crusher machine, Have a great day
Philippines Clients 08-01 16:50:10
The same to you,Glad to talk with you
Alex 08-01 16:51:44
My pleasure , best CIF Cebu cone crusher price list and details will be sent to you ASAP
Philippines Clients 08-01 16:52:10
That is good.  Bye
Alex 08-01 16:52:44
08-01 17:54:23  This conversation is ended by Philippines cone crusher client  and comment is excellent.