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What is start sequence of cone crusher in crushing plant

Source:www.dieselcrusher.com Author:GreatWall Posted:2014-07-23 Views:
Along with the fast development in mining industry, cone crusher plays more and more important role in stone crusher plant and sand making plant.Cone crusher can be used for crushing medium an high hardness materials such as iron ore,basalt,granite,bauxite,pebble,marble,limestone and copper etc. However there are so many stone crusher operators do not know the right operation process of cone crusher. Great Wall stone crusher experts will illustrate the Cone crusher operation process in following paragraph.
First,start the diluted oil station  before starting cone crusher, make sure the lubrication system is normal,and then start cone crusher, start the feeding machine after cone crusher running with un-loading, The sequence of cone crusher stop is reversed, we stop the vibrating feeder,when the materials are crushed out,we can stop cone crusher and terminate the diluted oil station. 
On the secondly,we should open the diluted oil station corresponding oil water valve and pressure gauge switch, adjust the pressure regulator to make oil pressure within the scope of 0.04 Mpa to 0.1 Mpa, cone crusher oil temperature should be within 30 degree centigrade to 40 degree centigrade, if the oil temperature is too low, we can open heat oil temperature by electric resistance heater.Finally, the function of cone crusher  electric switch can be found in the electric control cabinet specifications,they shall be placed in the appropriate location before starting.