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Summary on jaw crusher installation and operation tips

Source:www.cn-stonecrusher.com Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-08-26 Views:
As a result of jaw crusher operates in tough working environment, a lot of stone crushers are used in in the mining and construction industries, What should we do to keep jaw crusher good working condition in stone crushing plant? Great Wall Company is professional stone crusher manufacturer,who has been producing jaw crusher more than 25 years,Great Wall stone crushers experts recommend us useful suggestion in the jaw crusher installation process.What is the scientific steps of jaw crusher installation ? 
In order to guarantee jaw crusher smooth operation,we should reduce the damages caused by jaw crusher inertia, so that we have to offset the vibration and loud noise.It is advised to add rubber and hob into gaps between jaw crusher and foundation.If we want to properly operate jaw crusher with  reliable capacity and excellent performance, we must solve the problems in stone crushing plant and do the maintenance at fixed interval.Do well in repair,maintenance and overhaul, and then we can make full of effective use of jaw crusher to create more and more value at low cost.