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How to maintain diesel engine jaw crusher

Source:Great Wall Heavy Industry Author:Great Wall Posted:2014-05-23 Views:
Diesel engine jaw crusher is one of the most common crushing equipment in mining industry.Diesel engine crusher is not only portable and reliable work but also ecological and economic.How to properly operate diesel engine jaw crusher?What is the maintenance tips on diesel engine jaw crusher? Great Wall experts analysis the diesel engine jaw crusher for us and recommend three maintenance tips on diesel engine jaw crusher operation.We should do as the following tips so as to keep diesel engine jaw crusher well performance and long service life.
First of all,Regular stop and check diesel jaw crusher,inspect internal components and pay attention to the diesel crusher abrasion. Such as: central feeding pipe, impeller,lining plate and hammer head etc.Timely replace the worn parts and repair damaged parts slightly. The replacement parts must be consistent with original  parts parameters on specification and model.
Secondly Belt conveyor is one of important factors  in the crushing process of diesel jaw crusher,Diesel jaw crusher normal operation is up to belt conveyor transmission. So should regularly adjust the conveyor belt, ensure the tightness is consistent, in order to reduce the wear and prolong diesel crusher service life. When there are serious wear and tear,We should replace wearing parts timely.Last but not least, Ensure sufficient lubricant of main crushing component in diesel jaw crusher.